Drunken Norwegians creates problems in Thailand

Drunken Norwegians creates problems in ThailandCactus.Photo Norway Today media

Drunken tourists and Norwegians abroad with addictions is a growing problem for the foreign service. In February  alone, the Seaman Church in Pattaya had to step in and help Norwegians 64 times.
Many of those asking for help, is ruspasienter,  diaconal worker Hans Konrad Nyvol in the Seamen’s Church in Pattaya says to the journal Rus & Samfunn.
– We spent about 100 hours on helping Norwegians in February. The people we helped included both Norwegians residing here and visitors. Norwegians who pick up an addiction or goes on a bender and get stranded here, is a large and growing problem. We have seen a significant increase in such cases after Norwegian started with cheap flights to airports here.
many regulars
– Many are regulars, and they pose a significant burden on the local community here, especially for health care, Nyvoll says .
Most people come here with a return ticket. Then they end up with an addiction, and the ticket expires. Then the travel insurance, if they have one, also expires,  he says.
– For repeat offenders the possibility that the family would or could help, gets exhausted. The embassy can not usually help them, because they do not meet the requirements to get the loan for sudden personal crises.


Source: NTb scanpix / Norway Today