DUI issued to Driving instructor at police station

DrivingDriving.Photo: Pixabay

A driving instructor who had their driver’s license confiscated for driving under suspicion of being intoxicated, has had his license taken away as he was inebriated when he went to pick up his license at the police station.


The driving instructor from Oslo had explained that he had drunk four milk glasses with Jägermeister after he got home, when the police knocked on his door one Saturday night a month ago, Aftenposten writes.

The policemen had recieved an anonymous tip about the person driving while intoxicated. A breathalyzer test showed a blood/alcohol content of over 2, and the man had his license confiscated on the spot. Even though the man explained that he had not been drinking alcohol before he got home.

Three days later he thought he would get the driver’s license back and he drove to Stovner Police Station. Not only did he drive without a driver’s license, but he also smelled of alcohol, and the police suspected that he had driven to the station on his own. When questioned the man admitted to both offenses.

“It is quite rare for a driving instructor to receive a DUI. A breathalyzer test showed that he had a blood alcohol level just over one,” says police attorney Behreng Mirzaei at the Oslo police district.


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