Durek Verrett asks Märtha Louise to help Duchess Meghan

Princess Märtha Louise and Shaman Durek.Photo:Princess Märtha Louise and Shaman Durek.Photo: Daryl Henderson / NTB scanpix

Durek Verrett says he has asked Princess Märtha Louise to contact Duchess Meghan, who stated that media pressure has picked up after she married Prince Harry.

Verrett says this in an interview with British magazine Tatler.

Verrett says he asked Märtha Louise to contact Prince Harry and Meghan “because they are siblings,” so that they could have a family reunion.

King Harald and British Queen Elizabeth are third cousins.

Verrett says he understands what Duchess Meghan is going through, and that he too has had to cope with media pressure after he and Märtha Louise confirmed their relationship in May.

– “I’ve had maybe seven breakdowns and learned quickly, thanks to my girlfriend and her family, that this is a lightning course and you have to learn how to deal with this,” he says.

British prince Harry’s wife Meghan said in a TV interview with ITV in October that it has been a tough year after she married into the British royal family in May last year.

She says that her British friends warned her not to marry the prince because the British tabloid press would throw themselves over her.

The tabloids have written a lot about the difficult relationship between Meghan and her father Thomas Markle.

Prince Harry has sued The Sun and Daily Mirror for violating privacy by allegedly listening to the messages on his answering machine.

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