E-service to determine whether there was a submarine in Dalsfjord at Easter

submarineIllustration,submarine. Photo:pixabay.com

It will be up to the Intelligence Service to determine whether the object that was filmed in a Norwegian fjord in March was a foreign submarine; the military’s operational headquarters informs the newspaper Aftenposten.

The Military now consider it likely that they will send a mini submarine into Dalsfjorden, to look for clues, if  the Intelligence Service does not conclude unequivocally conclude that there was no submarine there during Easter.
Residents of Dalsfjorden in Sunnfjord notified the police  in the Easter week that they had seen an object that looked like a submarine. The Military chose not to send anyone to look further into this. Some experts believe it was a submarine.
The case became known to the public on Thursday, when the site AldriMer.no  wrote about the submarine alarm that did not trigger any action.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today