Easter traffic rush

Easter traffic rushEaster traffic rush.Photo Avinor

As usual, many people will be travelling from Oslo Airport during Easter, with traffic peaks expected on Thursday and Friday, 17 and 18 March. We recommend that all travellers plan to arrive a bit earlier at the airport.

“There are a lot of travellers and a lot of luggage, so we are asking that people add some extra time to their schedules. This will help ensure a pleasant and stress-free start to your Easter holiday,” says Joachim Westher Andersen, Head of Communications at Oslo Airport.

Travelling with skis?
Ski gear must be sent as special baggage, as most airlines charge extra for this.

“Allow plenty of time in your schedule for check-in, sending special baggage or normal baggage, security check, a bite to eat, shopping, and the time it takes to walk to the gate,” says Andersen.

“People travelling to countries outside the Schengen area must allow for additional time for passport inspection, and if you have a domestic flight you may need to allow for some additional walking time if your flight is departing from gates B1 to B8.”

If you are using the airport’s self service solutions and checking your baggage yourself, travellers are encouraged to tie up long straps or clasps so they do not become stuck in the baggage belt. This particularly applies to backpacks and all types of bags. If you are concerned that your baggage is not packed correctly, contact nearby staff.

Separate security lane for families with children
The family lane in the security check is popular, and can be used by everyone traveling with children under the age of 12. Children travelling alone can also use this lane.

“You can find the lane by looking for the Felix & Fiona plane in the security check area.”

“There is a dedicated breastfeeding nook in the domestic pier for those who would like to use this, and our child-size planes in the terminal are always popular. You can purchase baby food at Monolitten (domestic) and the Food Market (international).

There are many excellent food options for families with children at our dining establishments, so why not start your holiday at Oslo Airport?

“We hope our options and services for children and families will make your journey easier and more pleasant,” says Andersen.


Source: Avinor / Norway Today