Eastern Norway gets the best weather in the winter holidays

Norwegian natureNorwegian nature.Photo: Norway Today Media

In the lowlands, east of the mountains, there will be dry skies and even some sun in the coming week. If you want to go skiing head for the mountains.

It looks as if we’re going to have an overcast week-end most places, with the east low-lands once again as the winners, at least until the beginning of next week.

Some clouds and sub zero temperatures can be expected, but sunbathers in the east should be able to enjoy themselves.

It seems that we get southerly turning towards westerly winds over the weekend, leading to rain in the west and snow in the mountains.

In the north It will be an overcast week-end, a lot of rain in the west and in Trondelag, whereas the eastern parts will have dry and partly sunny weather, according to Kristian Gislefoss , state meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute to NTB.

No “Sunny Easter”

Gislefoss promises that the south east lowlands will get the best weather for the winter holidays. In the mountains there will be some sun, but he cannot promise a groovy Easter holiday.
– If you want a refill of snow you have to go into the mountains. It will be mostly overcast, but the sun will break through occasionally, says Gislefoss.

Good weather is not to be expected in other parts of the country next week, but it would appear that a high pressure area is on the way that could lead to better conditions towards the end of the week, especially in the west.

Temperature drops

The relatively mild winter temperatures continue over the next few days, but will drop after the week-end.

– It will be progressively colder after next week, and we can expect pretty many minus degrees towards the end of the week. Yesterday In Oslo, for example, we went from a few degrees above, to below zero. Adds Gislefoss:

– In Northern Norway, I think we can say that it will be lower temperatures. They’ll still get periodic snow and snow showers, but lighter weather towards the end of next week.

Improvement of roads

Thursday there was traffic chaos tendencies in many parts of the country due to slippery roads. Meteorologists issued warnings about black ice (freezing rain) in the East, and believe this will continue through Thursday.

– It was primarily a concern today. Friday we get a slightly different weather conditions, and therefore we will not have black ice , ends Gislefoss.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today