EFTA judge travels to London to sell the “Norwegian solution”

Carl BaudenbacherPhoto: Carl Baudenbacher

The President of the Court of Justice, Carl Baudenbacher, is stepping up his one-man campaign to lure the United Kingdom into the EEA.

Baudenbacher leads the court which is the supreme authority in matters concerning the EEA Agreement. And the 70-year-old Swiss see no reason to remain neutral in the debate about Brexit in the UK.

Since last year, Baudenbacker has argued enthusiastically for EEA membership as a solution for the British.

Now he is on his way to London, writes newspaper The Guardian.

On September 13, Baudenbacher will talk about Brexit to the Parliament. The next day he will attend an event organized by the Chatham House think tank. Both places are the topic of how the EFTA Court can be a solution for the British when Britain leaves the EU.

Baudenbacher has also had secret talks with Britain’s British Prime Minister David Davis, writes The Guardian.

The judge believes the EFTA Court is more independent of the European Court than the British have understood.

The EFTA Court has had the tradition of paying great importance to jurisprudence from the European Court of Justice, but according to Baudenbacher, it has also gone its own way in many important questions.


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