Eight arrested after shooting at Lørenskog

Eight arrested after shooting at LørenskogEight arrested after shooting at Lørenskog .Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Eight people ( Norwegian Pakistanis) have been arrested and charged with involvement in a shooting incident in Lørenskog on Thursday night. No one has been reported injured in the incident.

– We have not received any reports of injuries. We are still working to get a full overview of what happened with those involved, says operations manager Asle Sønsterud East police.

He informed newspaper VG at 3 am on Friday. Eight people had been charged and were waiting to be interrogated. Police are also questioning witnesses to obtain a full overview of what happened. The police were notified of the shooting outside the restaurant Egon, at the mall, at 9:53pm on Thursday night.

– We of course sent out multiple units. In addition to those caught, we are searching the area for several other possible suspects. We are doing this based on witness statements and because we do not fully understand the situation yet, explains Sønsterud.

A witness told VG that two groups of men began to fight outside the restaurant Egon.

– One of the men threw a chair, and it ended with a wild fight. Then several shots were fired, says the eyewitness a man who was sitting in the beer garden outside the restaurant who came very close to being caught in the crossfire.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Incident? When a guy pisses outside a restaurant and is caught red handed, now that is an incident. Shoting with a firearm in a public place for no effin reason is a crime ffs!

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