Eight evacuated after fire in Mo i Rana

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Eight evacuated after fire in Mo i Rana

A woman being treated for possible smoke damage and seven others were evacuated after a fire in a house in Mo i Rana Thursday night.


Police received notification from The Alarm Central (AMK) about the fire at 4:12 am on Friday.

– We do not know the cause of the fire, but it burned in a house with three apartments. Five people were evacuated and three from the neighboring house. Additionally, one woman was treated on site for inhaling smoke, says Odd Ivar Pettersen, Operations Manager at the Nordland Police District to NTB.

Unknown reason

The fire department went through the whole house, gained control of the fire and engaged in post fire extinguishing during the morning hours of Friday. There was no danger of the fire spreading, but people were evacuated due to heavy smoke.

– We are still present in order to determine the cause of the fire, says Pettersen.


Fire at the psychiatric ward in Skien

Eight people have been evacuated and six receive treatment after it began to burn inside a room in the psychiatric ward in Skien Hospital.

The fire department in Telemark reported around 11 pm on Thursday that they were on their way to the hospital in the municipality, and shortly after the police tweeted that it was talk of a fire in a room at the psychiatric ward.

Just minutes later the fire department had extinguished the fire. Several people were exposed to smoke. According to the police, eight people were evacuated; five received treatment on the spot, while one person is admitted to hospital with unknown injuries. The Police are filing a case.



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