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Eight men in court for machete attack

Ensjø bingoOslo. Ensjø bingo.Photo : Berit Roald / NTB scanpix


Monday, starts the trail against eight men accused of attacking a man in the 20’s with a machete and knife in a bingo hall at Ensjø, Oslo.


The violent episode took place June 4th last year. All eight are accused of causing serious bodily injury or for involvement.

One of the accused had hit the victim several times on his head and body with machete. Another accused stabbed the 20 year old in his thigh with a knife, while a third tried to beat him with a steel knuckle or stab him with a knife.

Several of the other defendants provided the attackers with weapons, such as a chain or golf club. According to VG, the police have video evidence where it appears that the victim gets a finger cut off with the machete. The police have described this attack as revenge.

Four of the men are being indicted together on the attack which also includes possession of amphetamine and hash, prosecution will be taken by the office of Oslo’s Public Prosecutor. Three weeks have been set aside for the case in Oslo District Court.


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