Eight people arrested after several mass fights in Oslo

The police moved out to mass fights at Ulven in Oslo.The police moved out to mass fights at Ulven in Oslo.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

On Tuesday, the police responded to two mass fights in Oslo. Three people had minor knife injuries and eight arrested. All are connected to a known environment for the police.

The police received notification on the first mass fight a short time after 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

At Ulven, Oslo, there were several people who fought with bats and steel rods. 

-”Two men and one women were brought to the hospital  with moderate stabbing injuries. The woman was also hit on the head  with a baseball bat.”, said Operation Leader, Christian Krhon Engeseth, of Oslo Police District to NTB.

The mass fight happened after a collision between two cars. The police believe the collision was on purpose. 

Shortly afterwards, another mass fight began, this time at Økern. According to the police a baseball bat was also used. Here, however, no people were injured. The police are placing both fights in connection with one another.

-”We know the environment and are working in the environment. We are carrying out a tactical and technical investigation.”, Engeseth informs.

A total of eight people are arrested in the case, and the police have opened a case of grievous bodily harm. According to Engeseth there is a wide range of age between those arrested. 

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  1. Is Norway going to let itself become Sweden – having open gang war-zones?

    “wide range of age” means adults – organized crime – mafiyas

    The purpose of these open gang fights is not just to fight other gangs but to intimidate – terrorize – the general population. Using anti-terror laws to stop this is justified.

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