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Eight-year-old honored by fire department

Firetruck GjøvikFiretruck. Photo: Norway Today Media

Eight-year-old Victoria received a medal from the Bergen Fire Department after she acted quickly and retrieved help when her mother fell while their kitchen was on fire.


The drama occurred about three weeks ago. A deep fryer stood on the stove while mom, Wenche Margrethe Michelsen, walked out of the kitchen to take a phone call. When she came back, the flames were up the wall, the Bergensavisen writes.


“I forgot everything I’ve learned. There was a bottle of soda on the counter. I grabbed it and threw the soda on the frying pan,” says Michelsen.


The flames shot up in her face, and immediately she slipped into the oilseed on the floor.


“It was a bit scary,” admits her eight-year-old daughter, Victoria. She acted quickly and ran to the neighbor to alert the fire department. This week she received a medal from the Fire Department Chief, Leif Linde, for the effort.


“We’ve only given this medal to one other person,” Linde said when he handed over the medal. He says that Victoria and the mother experienced a common event.


“We have experienced that about half of all house fires and fire outbreaks start at the stove. People must understand that this is really dangerous,” says Linde.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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