Eight years in prison for the parent who seriously assaulted his own children

Salten District CourtBodø.Salten District Court : Anders Vanderloock / Scanpix

A man in Salten District Court is sentenced to prison for eight years for assaulting two of his own children.
The man was charged with assault and deprivation of his own children as well as violence against a student at the school where he worked.

According to the indictment the abuse has already started in 1998 while his daughter was only five to six years old. The abuses against his son should have started a few years later. The judgment describes a very serious sexual assault.

The children, who are now grown up , explained very detailed about the abuse and how their father locked them inside a dark room. On some occasion, he has also locked his children with chains around their necks, reported by the local newspaper Avisa Nordland.

The court has in aggravating emphasized that the abuse took place over a long period and was painful.
The man denies the accusations and associated guilts in court. His lawyer, Rohnny Andersen, said his client is disappointed with the result and will appeal the judgment.
– The only reason I can imagine is that they want money and it is an economic motivation behind it, said by the man in court.

The siblings reported about their father in October 2014 and he was arrested in February the following year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today