Elderly man beaten and robbed in Skien

Police carPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media

On Thursday night, at least three people attacked an 80 year old man in Telemark. He was beaten about the head and face, and robbed of his mobile phone and wallet.

Police received notification from emergency services (AMK) about the violent robbery at 23.00 on Thursday.

‘Thieves knocked at the man’s door in a residential complex in Odins gate. He opened the door, and they knocked him down, stealing his mobile phone and wallet. At least one of them was a woman and had a tattoo’, said operations manager, Vidar Aaltvedt, of Telemark police to NTB news agency.

The man was taken to the hospital emergency unit, and then admitted to the main hospital in Skien.

‘We do not know who the perpetrators are, but based on the vague elements we were given, we have checked out the sites that may be relevant. We are interested in all tips from the public’, said Aaltvedt.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today