Elderly and single have less social contact

Elderly and single have less social contactElderly.Photo: Norway Today Media

Most Norwegians have a close confidant and at least two persons they can rely on if they experience personal problems, but the elderly and single persons more often lack such close relationships.

The survey on living conditions shows that most people are in contact with their friends and family at least once a month. While one in four see their parents less often than each month, only 5 per cent have little contact with their parents when including contact by telephone, e-mail etc. The levels are stable compared to the last survey, which was conducted in 2012.

Nine per cent report that they have little contact with friends, which is somewhat higher than the levels reported in the last survey. Six per cent have little contact with friends by telephone, e-mail etc., and this has not changed since the last survey.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today