Electric scooter companies lose court case against Oslo Municipality – must cut the number of electric scooters

Electric scootersPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

The electric scooter companies Tier, Voi, and Ryde lost the lawsuit against Oslo Municipality on Friday. Thus, they will be forced to reduce the number of e-scooters in Oslo, together with nine other companies.

Oslo Municipality has tightened the rules for electric scooters recently, including requirements for driving at night.

However, Tier, Voi, and Ryde took Oslo Municipality to court over the maximum limit of 8,000 scooters. The maximum limit applies from Friday this week. Each company will now be able to have 667 scooters in operation in Oslo.

Tier, Voi, and Ryde also asked the Oslo District Court for a so-called temporary injunction.

Voi argued that the maximum of 8,000 was set without sufficient justification, and they were also critical of the fact that there was no limit on the number of companies.

Voi’s position

“The maximum was set without sufficient assessment or justification and introduced without any kind of limitation on the number of companies. It will affect our users and create challenges,” Voi’s Norwegian manager Christina Moe Gjerde said in connection with the lawsuit.

In the verdict from the Oslo District Court, these notions have been rejected. Judge Terje Reinhold Johansen wrote that the number limit comes after ordinary discussions within the Municipality and that the determination of the maximum has not been arbitrary.

“The design of the rules does not testify to any kind of arbitrariness,” Johansen stated.

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