Electrocuted in a railway tunnel in Oslo

Train tunnel filipstadA young person is critically injured, while two others are also treated for injuries after they entered a train tunnel at Filipstad in Oslo and came in contact with a live power source. Photo: NTB scanpix

3 teenagers electrocuted in a railway tunnel in Oslo

A young person is dead after coming into contact with a live power source in a train tunnel in Oslo. Two others are critically injured. The boys are from Oslo, the girl from Drammen. The deceased boy, attended the Ruseløkka school, according to the police.

The accident happened at Filipstad, west of Oslo city centre, on Sunday afternoon.

“This has happened on a sidetrack that is primarily used to turn trains”, Operations Manager in the Oslo Police District, Vidar Pedersen, tells NTB.

Told about a third person

Two injured teenagers were found first. They were brought to Ullevål Hospital. It was possible to talk to them, and they told the police that they had been together with a third person.

This person was found a bit later. This person was brought out of the tunnel and his condition was termed as critical. A while later NRK reports that the person has perished.

The Operations Manager informs TV2 that the other two persons are hospitalised with critical injuries.

The accident does not affect the general train traffic, according to Bane Nor.

“It has been confirmed that there have been unauthorised persons inside a small tunnel at Filipstad. Based on what we know, they have been in an area that is not intended for regular traffic,” Press Officer in Bane Nor, Harry Korslund, tells NTB.

Implores people not to enter such areas

“We have experienced situations both at Filipstad and elsewhere that are similar to this one. Our clear message is that you do enter areas that are not intended for regular traffic,” he continues.

In these areas, there is a high-voltage system with 15,000 volts.

“If you come in close contact with that, there is a risk to life and health,” the Press Officer warns.

Delays and cancellations in train traffic in the Oslo area

Errors on a train switch cause delays and cancellations for trains passing the Oslo Central Station on Sunday evening.

“We are working to correct the error, but do not know how long it will take,” states Bane Nor.

The fault affects NSB’s lines L1, L12, L13, L14, R10 and R11, as well as Flytoget (Airport Express Train).

At 7 pm it is reported that the switch is repaired, and that traffic is back to normal.

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  1. Char stratton | 26. February 2019 at 16:33 |

    Soooo awful !! Our sympathy to all the families and friends. Prayers for all

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