Eleven people brought to hospital after fire in apartment in Rælingen

fire in apartment block on RomerikeLøvenstad.Fire in apartment block on Romerike : Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Three children and eight adults were brought to the hospital after a fire in an apartment building in Rælingen, this Sunday afternoon. According to the Rælingen police, no people were seriously injured. The police are currently investigating if there any more injuries as a result of the fire.

“15 people will need a temporary place to live, but we expect this figure to rise”, says the head of operations of Rælingen police, Per Stenslet. For some, it can take a while before they can move back to their apartment.  According to Stenslet, the residents on the sixth floor can more back today, but people owning an apartment on a higher floor have to wait.

Open flames
The fire department reported the fire on the seventh floor of the apartment building on Løvenstadtorget in Rælingen at 13.19 on Sunday. Firefighters from several stations in Nedre Romerike, with reinforcements from the Oslo Fire and Rescue Service, stopped the fire. At 13.38, the police reported that the fire was stopped, but due to the smoke of the fire, all residents from the sixth floor and upwards had to be evacuated. The fire burned down apartments in both the sixth and seventh floor.

As a result of the fire, the municipality’s crisis team was established, says the major of Rælingen, Øivind Sand, who lives close to the apartments. “I could hear people scream and as soon as I came here I saw a mother with her child asking for help”.

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