Eleven Romanians charged with human trafficking in Bergen

Human traffickingHuman trafficking

The police in Bergen acted on Saturday night against several relatives of a 16 year old girl. They are charged with planning to sell her to customers for sex.


The police struck at two addresses in Bergen and Askøy, and arrested eleven Romanian citizens, eight in Bergen and three at Askøy, reported NRK news.

“We suspect that the girl was transported to Norway for the purpose of being used for prostitution. Since being a minor,they are being charged with gross trafficking in human beings,” said police attorney, Rudolf Christoffersen, of the Western Police District.

“We have a sense of who has transported the girl and who took part in the follow-up to Bergen. Others are suspected of having roles associated with housing a minor who would be exploited,trained in prostitution and the like,” said the police attorney.

There are both beggars and prostitutes among those arrested.

According to NRK, the address that the police acted against in Bergen is related to a Romanian criminal environment and was referred to as one of the most important in NRK’s documentary “Lykkelandet”. The people arrested on Saturday are part of the same network, but were largely unknown to the police.

The perpetrators will be taken for detention on Tuesday.

Christoffersen said that there is reason to believe that more people will eventually be involved in the case. At the same time, the police do not exclude more arrests.


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