Elvestuen discussed the regulations for the Paris agreement in Poland

ElvestuenMinister of Climate and Environment Ola Elvestuen (Liberal Party).Photo: venstre.no

There is still A lot of work ahead in order to reach an agreement on the regulations for the Paris agreement in Katowice in December, warns climate minister Ola Elvestuen (V).


“And it’s not certain that it will come into place,” he told NTB.

“We are not trying to hide things but we are in a serious situation. Much effort has to be made to get the deal in place,” Elvestuen argues.

He has participated in a ministerial meeting on climate negotiations in Krakow, Poland this week. There have been unresolved questions about the Paris agreement being discussed. The next round of international climate negotiations is taking place in the Polish city of Katowice in December.

The government indicates that this autumn, a regulatory framework for the Paris Agreement, should be in place, so as to act as a prerequisite for how it will be reinforced over time and how to follow up different countries’ obligations.

Elvestuen is also reminding of the cooperation from the UN Climate Panel (IPCC), which in a report recently concluded that it needs an almost superhuman effort and several thousand billions of kroner to avoid dramatic climate change and temperature rise above 1.5 degrees.

“It’s about cutting emissions on a large scale and fast enough to keep the world as we know it, today,” says Elvestuen.


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  1. Joakim Haugen | 26. October 2018 at 02:23 |

    Yes, it requires billions and it is urgent! Yet the latest UN report said that the world (that should have been flooded by now, according to the report, 10 years ago) was ok for now since they had calculated wrongly, so it is actually 10 years more to the world is flooded. Oh, and we can only solve this if we all agree «gender is in a spectrum» and «by abandoning capitalism» yes, this is all very convincing, thank you UN…

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