Employee at reception-center for minors a victim of attempted rape

Attempted with the cash register of a restaurantPolice car. Photo Atle Johnsen Norway Today Media

An asylum-seeker at the reception of minors in Kyrksæterøra, Sor-Trondelag has been charged after a woman on night-duty at the reception center was assaulted and suffered an attempted rape.

The asylum-seeker charged in the case has been moved to another reception-center in Norway.

The woman said to NRK news that she has been on sick leave from work at the reception-center in their hometown since this happened a month ago. There were two employees at work, but the woman was alone at the time of the incident.

‘He ran after me, slammed me up against a locker and held me tight. He ordered me about. I was certain he was ready to rape me’, says the woman

The woman called out for help, and locked herself in a room. The police were alerted and arrived at the scene quickly.

‘We are serious about this matter and prioritize such cases’, said Hemne and Snillfjord’s sheriff, Anette Ertvåg.

The accused was under 18 years of age, and was released after a few hours. Police confirm that he has been moved to a different place in the country.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today