Enough rain for everyone this weekend, but mostly in the west

Rainy day in the capital.Oslo.Rainy day in the capital.Photo: Mariam Butt / NTB scanpix

The whole of Norway is currently characterized to varying degrees by one low pressure system after another blowing in from the west. Vestlandet and Nordland get the most rain, and Østafjells more sun.

The weekend will offer more of the weather we have had recently: gales and high waves, especially in Vestlandet and the Nordland coast, and rain showers with different intensity and duration.

All places exposed to westerly winds will be particularly exposed.

“Vestlandet and Nordland especially get a lot of rainfall, Trøndelag escapes a little bit, because when it occasionally blows from the south, they have dry weather there,” says state meteorologist Rafael Escobar Løvdahl at the Meteorological Institute to NTB.

Fine in the east and north
Also in Sørlandet and Østlandet, the low pressures will continue to move in from the west, as they have done recently.

“It will occasionally bring some precipitation, but they pass quickly, followed by long periods of sun this weekend. Especially in Eastern Norway, they get lighter weather and get away cheaper than the rest of the country. In Sørlandet, they also have good periods between the passing fronts, but also some wind and gales on the coast.

Troms and Finnmark start the weekend with a lot of stay-at-home weather and maybe a little sun, with winds from the south.

“But also in the far north they get showers like this here and there, and towards the end of the weekend there will be a low pressure over East Finnmark from the south. But until then, they are the ones who have the best weather,” says Løvdahl.

Clean up the beach
The changing weather can make it a little uncertain to plan outdoor activities for the weekend, and now it is to all intents and purposes a double beach cleaning week, with collection for both spring and autumn from 5 to 20 September. Hold Norge Rent (Keep Norway Clean) invites to a national clean-up day, with a celebration next Saturday. The meteorologist has his recommendations for beach cleaners:

“In Eastern Norway and Southern Norway, the first part of Friday and the last part of Saturday seem to provide the best opportunity for sun and dry weather. In Troms and Finnmark, the weather is actually quite good, so then it really suits any day, as long as you dress according to the conditions,” he says.

Should you plan to clean the beach somewhere in Vestlandet all the way up to and including Nordland: “Dress accordingly, you can’t bet on any safe periods of dry weather.”

“There will also still be high waves, be aware of that, and maybe avoid Friday, because the strongest wind is reported then,” says Løvdahl.

A little sun for the week
Next week, there will still be changing weather conditions and more showers sailing in from the west. However, it seems that there may be some temporary heat in southern Norway at the beginning of the week, especially in eastern Norway.

“The rising temperatures in the south probably also apply in the west, however, it is a bit uncertain how warm it will be, with the wind and the showers there. In the north, it continues a bit as it has been, with a changing weather type, and typical autumn weather,” says Løvdahl.

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