The environmental organization Bellona warns agains cheaper hybrid cars

The environmental organization Bellona warns cheaper hybrid carsBellona leader Frederic Hauge.Photo: Aleksander Andersen / NTB scanpix

Fee cuts on hybrid cars have made sales increase sharply since January. Now Bellona leader Frederic Hauge fears that this will lead to a large decline in the number of El cars.

Although hybrid cars are more environmentally friendly than pure fossil cars, Hauge is concerned about the development. In February, 22.9 percent of all new cars sold were hybrid cars – compared   15.8 percent zero-emission vehicles.
– The problem is that many of these cars do not use the battery when the temperature gets colder than 10 degrees below zero. Moreover, they have also higher emissions of both CO2 and NOx than the ones they  have listed officially says Hauge TV2.
After the New Year the registration tax for new cars  has been altered so that the car’s CO2 emissions are punished harder than before, while the horsepower plays a minor role.
According to TV2, the government and its supporting parties are discussing whether the hybrid cars will be favored further in the talks on green tax shift. Hauge fears this will make more people reject the EVs and choose hybrid versions instead.
– If we sell too many hybrid cars instead of zero-emission vehicles, we won’t manage to fulfil the climate objectives we are committed to, says Hauge.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today