Erna Solberg hosted King Harald and Queen Sonja’s dinner party

Erna Solberg, Royal FamilyKing Harald and Queen Sonja Celebrate 80. Royal Palace in Oslo Photo: Foto:Thomas Brun, NTB Scanpix / Royal Court

Erna Solberg reveals: I have had much help with the party

The evening’s hostess, Prime Minister Erna Solberg arrived at the party with her husband.


This morning was the the second day of the Royal couple’s magnificent 80th anniversary.

The anniversary started yesterday with bells and whistles in the Palace courtyard and on the Palace balcony, followed by a gala dinner.

Earlier today, the jubilees and their guests traveled for lunch with the Kingship Norway on the Oslo Fjord.

Gift from the Government

In the evening, however, there was a dinner party at the Royal Opera. The dinner is the Government’s gift to the Royal Couple on the occasion of their 80th birthdays.

Among the attending guests were former PM’s Kjell Magne Bondevik and Kåre Willoch.

Outside the Opera, guests were welcomed with folk dance and music.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who this evenings host, arrived together with her husband, Sindre Finnes. Solberg, who was wearing a snazzy purple dress, was at the ready to receive the royal couple.

Received help

The Prime Minister is one of those who will speak to the jubilee’s tonight.

Solberg tells Dagbladet that she has received much help in preparing for the evening.

– I think it’s going well with the party and I have to admit that I’m not the one who has ironed the tablecloths, says the Prime Minister to Dagbladet.

She further explains that she thought it was a great experience to meet several of the close friends of the royal family during yesterday’s gala dinner.

– It was really nice. Warm, close. An extended family celebration that also showed the family’s love for the Royal Couple, she says.

Greeted the Press

Several of the célèbre guests took the time to greet the press before they entered the inside warmth.

Spain’s abdicated king, Juan Carlos, took the time to joke with the press outside the Opera, pointing to today’s weather.

The royal couple from the Netherlands also politely greeted the press before they disappeared inside, as did the Swedish Royal Couple.

Norway well represented

The official Norway is well represented tonight; in addition, two representatives from each county are invited to the dinner party.

The evening will also be filled with cultural features. It’s relatively secret what these consist of – as it is probably part of the surprise of the royal couple – but it has become known that Lido will be responsible for one of the musical elements.

The King and Queen’s evening started with a motorcade from the Royal Palace to the Opera, along Karl Johan, where the spectators got to experience the royalty up close.

In contrast to the day before there were far fewer lookers on in place today. Even so, there were several excited people who braved the weather to catch a glimpse of the Royal family.

– They were dressed practically

The Royal Couple and their entourage went on a boat trip earlier today, the weather not ideal.

The celebrity magazine See og Hør’s (Watch and Listen) court reporter, Caroline Vagle told Seoghø that most had dressed more or less appropriate to the weather conditions.

– They were neatly, but casually dressed. Most wearing trousers and many with cape’s, she says to Seoghø

The King and the Queen were well prepared in a sou’west and cape.

However, there was one that stood out. During yesterday’s program, Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Märtha Louise’s second cousin, Desirée Kogevinas, wore an asymmetric dress that she had received a lot of attention for.

She was the only one who stood out during today’s lunch too.

– Yesterday’s big talking point was that she was a lone swallow today as well, wearing a skirt, while most were otherwise dressed conveniently in pants, says Vagleskogen.


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