Erna Solberg thanked the children for their efforts

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) could not promise that the coronavirus will soon be gone when she answered questions from children on Thursday.

“I want to thank you, thank you for helping,” Solberg said.

Infection control and measures are a bit boring, but very important, was the message from the Prime Minister, who was asked how long the situation will last.

“Unfortunately, I think it will last a good while longer. We are waiting for the researchers to create a vaccine that will prevent us from getting sick from the coronavirus,” Solberg said.

She brought with her Minister of Education and Integration Guri Melby (V) and Minister of Children, Family and Church Affairs Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) to the press conference at the Prime Minister’s office in Oslo.

The three were asked about everything from starting school, distance requirements and hand washing, to vaccines, the use of face masks, grandparents’ visits from Ukraine and infection-proof Halloween celebrations.

Some also wondered if the schools could be closed again.

“I do not think we will have to close all the schools again. But it may be that an individual school has to close because many are ill,” Melby said.

Ropstad was asked how long the ban on hugging will last.

“Unfortunately, it is not wise to give hugs to others than those you live with. It is very strange, and I look forward to us being able to start giving hugs again,” he said.

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