The EU asked Norway to accept more asylum seekers

EU flagEU flag. Photo. Norway Today media

The Foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter Thursday night that in 2016, European countries wanted to send three times as many asylum seekers to Norway as Norway sent back.

The Ministry posted a record of how many times Norway had made requests to another country to accept an outgoing applicant,and the number of times other countries had asked Norway to accept asylum seekers from their countries.

The overview for 2016 showed that Germany had asked Norway to accept 1,748 asylum seekers, against the 267 Norway wanted to send to Germany. Sweden requested that Norway accept 349 incoming asylum seekers, while Norway requested that the Swedes accept 183. Britain asked Norway to take 77, against 7 Norway wanted to send in the opposite direction.

Altogether, Norway was asked to accept 3,812 asylum seekers, and Norway wanted to send 1132 to other EU countries. According to the ‘Dublin Convention’, refugees and migrants should, in principle, apply for asylum in the EU country where they first registered.

In practice, the Dublin Convention broke down altogether in Autumn 2015 when member countries such as Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Greece and Germany ceased to enforce it.


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Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today