The EU is considering drawing Norway into peace efforts in the Middle East

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EU Secretary of State, Federica Mogherini, wants to engage more countries in work to create new talks between Israel and Palestine. Norway could be one of them.


The EU is convinced that a multilateral framework for the peace process is needed, saidMogherini when she met the press after a Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday,where Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was specifically invited as a guest.

The EU will continue its work in the so-called Middle East Quartet, which consists of the EU, the UN, Russia, and the United States, explained Mogherini. But some Arab countries and maybe even Norway could be pulled in, she added.

According to Mogherini, the Palestinian president supported the idea of a framework for the peace process where the United States is not the only partner.

‘The EU wants to play an important role, but we will do it with our friends and partners in the region and in the world community,’ said Mogherini.

A peace process led by the United States alone will not be credible, she maintained.

‘But the world community can’t do it without the United States either. We have to cooperate.

At the end of January, the EU will host an extraordinary meeting of the donor group for Palestine (AHLC). This group is headed by Norway.


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