EU creates spy school

SpySpy.Photo pixabay

The EU is launching 17 new projects to strengthen European defence cooperation. Among the innovations is a European spy school.


The 17 projects will be implemented as part of the defence cooperation,PESCO.

One project is a common European school for intelligence agents.The EU will collaborate with both NATO and national intelligence organizations on the project, which will be led by Greece and Cyprus.

Several of the other projects concern cooperation on the development of new military equipment, including a new drone, a new submarine, and a new rocket system.

PESCO is a club for countries wishing to cooperate more closely on defence.A total of 25 EU member states are included, all but Denmark, Malta,and the United Kingdom.

German Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, said on Thursday that the projects are “steps on the road to a European army.”


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