EU leaders condemn Hamas attacks

Ursula von der LeyenPhoto: Johanna Geron / Pool via AP

EU leaders say they are very concerned about the growing violence in Israel and Gaza. They condemned Hamas attacks and stressed that all civilian casualties must be avoided.

Several EU leaders supported Israel’s security in recent days.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote on Twitter that she “condemns arbitrary attacks by Hamas against Israel” and that “civilians on both sides must be protected.”

Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, called for peace between the parties on Thursday night, saying he had “confirmed EU support for Israel’s security and condemned Hamas’ arbitrary firing of rockets” in a conversation with Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi.

According to the Elysee Palace, French President Emmanuel Macron also expressed sympathy with the victims of attacks by Hamas and “other terrorist groups” in talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Macron has said Israel had the right to defend itself.

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1 Comment on "EU leaders condemn Hamas attacks"

  1. The EU’s concern seems slightly biased.

    Religion News Service has existed since 1934 and has high credibility. Its article on May 10 is “Violence at Al-Aqsa Mosque leads to rocket fire, air strikes between Hamas and Israel. Reports of 20 dead in Gaza, hundreds injured as skirmishes over Jewish-Arab land claims …”

    So this actually began with protests against more, impending ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israel, and then the Israelis sent police with rubber bullets, etc. into the mosque which is said to be the 3rd holiest place in the world for Muslims … a clear, deliberate … intolerable … provocation to get this violence going.

    … blithely ignored by the EU, of course.

    Now, the Israelis have bombed the civilian media building in Gaza which housed Associated Press and al Jazeera, no less … quite like we illegally bombed the Serb civilian TV station trying to force the Serbs to surrender in our illegal – Rambouillet App. B, which I whistle-blew in American academia – Kosovo bombing war of 1999.

    I usually stay out of the Israel-Palestine issue, but I’m Christian and get seriously concerned when I see other Christians put under the Israeli jackboot and/or massacred.

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