EU Mandates Pilot Assessments

Airplane flight safety,flightPassenger jet plane. Photo: Pixabay

The EU has moved to introduce stricter rules mandating mental health assessments for commercial pilots; this mandate following upon the GermanWings tragedy of a pilot who overpowered coworkers and intentionally crashed a jet airplane in 2015.


The EU’s executive Commission released statement Wednesday, July 25, issuing the new rules for airlines. Among the new requirements are mandatory mental health evaluations of those being considered for employment as pilots.

The EU commission also calls for systematic testing of pilots / cabin crew for possible illegal drug use before hire; and additional random drug-testing after hire.

The mental health of commercial pilots came to the fore after 2015’s GermanWings crash was determined to have been deliberately caused by the pilot. The tragedy killed all 150 souls on board.

The EU Commission has set 2020 as the guideline for airlines to conduct mandatory psychological assessments upon pilots before being certified mentally & physically competent to fly.

Commercial airlines will be required to drug-test all air-crew applicants before hire; and airlines will also be mandated to perform drug-testing upon all pilots who miss work due to reported illness.

Random alcohol testing for all European airlines and those foreign carriers that fly into the European Union will become mandatory, while flight & cabin crews will also face random testing for psychoactive substances.

Airlines and the E.U. member-states now have two years to implement the new E.U. executive commission mandates.


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