EU seeks ‘Military Schengen Zone’

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In 2017,NATO investigated the ability to mobilize and defend against a supposed Russian attack and found logistical difficulty within the alliance’s eastern flank.


With these potential military difficulties in mind, the EU Commission and NATO have announced a cooperative venture to repair & streamline defense efforts; proposing the creation of a ‘Military Schengen Zone’ (referencing Europe’s passport-free travel zone) that would allow military equipment and personnel to quickly transport across national boundaries.

Of the plan, EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini states;”By facilitating greater military mobility within the EU, we can prevent crises more efficiently,deploy forces more effectively & respond more readily when challenges arise.’

Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport states the objective is to insure military requirements are considered when developing infrastructure projects; ‘This measure earmarks public monies to improve our transport networks,ensuring quick and seamless military mobility across the continent. This is a vital issue of collective security.’

March 28th, the EU Commission presented the proposed action plan to remove potential barriers opposing military equipment & troop transport across Europe.

The 28-member European Union seeks overall improved defense capabilities,eyeing 2025’s pending European Defense Union and fulfilling NATO’s priority of swift military, cross-border deployment.

To advance, the EU Commission will first conduct a survey to discover where improvement is most needed and present the findings by late 2019. The EU has allotted funds to finance these proposed defense improvements.

The European Commission ‘Military Schengen Zone’ proposals first face EU approval hurdles, then the process of final adoption within European Parliament.


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