EU’s 60th anniversary celebrated in front of Stortinget

OsloOslo. EEA and EU Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen celebrated 60 anniversary of the European Union (EU) together with the European movement on Eidsvolls space in front of the Parliament in Oslo Saturday.Photo: Utenriksdepartementet / NTB scanpix

Several hundred people met outside Stortinget on Saturday to celebrate the EU’s 60th birthday. Similar events are planned in more than 60 major cities in Europe on Sunday.

One of the attendees was the EEA and EU minister Frank Bakke-Jensen. He held an appeal during the event “Together for Europe, no to populism”, organized by the European Movement. “Few places in the world have such great freedom as Europe and the security and prosperity created through cooperation. We must help develop the community and stay together in Europe”, said the minister according to the website of European Movement. After the appeal from Frank Bakke-Jensen, Oslo’s deputy mayor Khamshajiny Gunaratnam followed him up.

General Secretary of the European Movement, Kirsti Methi, informs that between 200 and 250 people joined the event. The event was a celebration of the 60th year since the Treaty of Rome was signed. Part of the theme however was also the concern for more and more calls for closed borders and nationalistic solutions across Europe.

On Sunday, similar events will be held in Copenhagen, Paris, Stockholm, Frankfurt and around 60 other European cities. According to Pulse of Europe, it is expected that more than 20,000 people will attend.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today