Upcoming events involving the Parliament

Norwegian Parliamentary President, Tone W. Trøen, ParliamentNorwegian Parliamentary President, Tone W. Trøen, welcomes her counterpart from Malaysia at the Parliament on January 21st. Photo: Stortinget / Morten Brakstad

Malaysia’s President to the Parliament

A delegation led by Malaysia’s President of Parliament, Dato ‘Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof, visits the Parliament on Monday, January 21st. The purpose of the visit is to learn more about how Norwegian democracy works.


President of the Norwegian Parliament, Tone W. Trøen, welcomes Yusof to Løvebakken. The visit is a follow up of the Malaysian Member of Parliament, Wong Chen’s, visit in October. The Malaysian Parliament is in the midst of a comprehensive reform process after the general elections there last year. The working visit to the Norwegian Parliament is part of collecting information about its organisation and work. More generally, the guests also want to hear more about Norwegian political culture, the principle of power distribution and respect for and confidence in our democratic institutions. The Malaysians have visited the British and Australian Parliaments to gather information and experiences already.

“Providing advice and input to other parliaments in their efforts to strengthen their democracy work is very useful. Our democratic tradition of the principle of power-sharing and the people-sovereignty principle is long. It is nice to share our experiences with others. I am proud that Norway is one of the countries, along with the United Kingdom and Australia, to which Malaysia approach,” Trøen states.

After the meeting at the President’s office and signing of the guest book, the delegation will meet the Parliaments Assistant Director, Kyrre Grimstad, to gain insight into the Parliament’s committee structure. The visit to the Parliament concludes with a guided tour of the building.

The President of the Parliament to Copenhagen

President of the Norwegian Parliament, Tone W. Trøen, travels officially to the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) from Wednesday, 23rd to Thursday, 24th January. In Copenhagen, she meets her Danish colleague Pia Kjærsgaard, who is the Chairwoman of the Danish Parliament.

 “The parliamentary ties between the Norwegian and the Danish Parliaments are strong, and Denmark is an important Nordic partner for Norway, Trøen,” who looks forward to the visit, informs.

the Parliament has a long tradition of visiting Folketinget after every parliamentary election.

A packed program has been set up for the stay in Copenhagen. The President of the Norwegian Parliament is to have an audience with H.M. Queen Margrethe II at Amalienborg Castle. She will visit the UN City, hold meetings with the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council. Not to forget – meet with Norwegian students in Denmark.

On Thursday, 24th January, the rest of the Presidency will also travel to Copenhagen to attend a working seminar along with Trøen and the Danish presidency.

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