Every fourth physician has experienced or witnessed sexual harassment

DoctorsDoctors.Photo: Pixabay

One in four doctors says they themselves have been subjected to sexual harassment or seen others be exposed to it, according to a survey at Oslo University Hospital.


The harassment appears in a survey conducted by Yngre Legers Association, writes Aftenposten. The survey is also mentioned in the Oslo Medical Association’s Journal.

Of the 1,200 doctors who took the survey 26.5 percent say they have been victims of sexual harassment or have seen others be subjected to it. However, most say that they have been exposed to sexual harassment themselves.

More than 200 of those who reported sexual harassment have also responded to what type of harassment they experienced. The answers range from joke with the gender of people in the presence of others in a manner that feels degrading and sexually charged comments on the operation table, for the sensation of breasts or buttocks and threats to destroying someone’s career if you do not want sex.

According to Aftenposten, the most serious story is a description of an abuse in which a person was forced to have sex. Those who are most often subjected to harassment are the younger doctors in temporary positions.

“We see that many feel they have no choice but to accept it. And there are several who say that they actually have consequences when they say no to sex. The answers we’ve received contain terribly difficult stories,” said Anniken Riise Elnes, executive vice president of the Yngre Legers association, to the Journal.


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