Every twelfth woman has experienced sexual harassment in the past year


One in twelve Norwegian women say they have been sexually harassed in the past year. The harassment happens as often at work as in the city,according to a ‘Fafo’ researcher.


Over 8% of Norwegian women, and almost 5% of men, said they had experienced sexual harassment in the past year, reported NRK news.

“They are high figures,” said Fafo researcher, Mona Bråthen.

She said that sexual harassment occurs as often at work as in the city.At the same time, previous surveys showed that approximately half of cases are reported, according to NRK.

Bråthen said she hopes that more workplaces will put routines in place for reporting sexual harassment.

“There is probably a work environment problem that has gone a little under the radar for some employers,” said Mona Bråthen.

Employees in the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as those working in the field of care, are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment in connection with their work, stated a Fafo report from 2017.

Numbers from the nightlife industry were also mentioned. 20% of female employees, and 13% of men had experienced some form of sexual harassment in the past twelve months, according to a survey conducted in 2014. The harassment came mainly from guests.


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