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Exceptionally dry April



The month of April has been exceptionally dry this year, according to meteorologists. A number of places in Norway have had far less precipitation than is usual for April.

Most precipitation has fallen in the north, but also there we are well below normal in many places, meteorologists on Twitter inform.

Especially in Bergen,has it been much drier than usual. Here it usually falls well over 100 millimeters of rain in April, but this year it has only been a few millimeters.

In Oslo and Stavanger, there have hardly been any raindrops in the month of April, while there is usually between 40 and 50 millimeters of precipitation in these areas.

Also in Trondheim, it is drier than normal. Some millimeters of rainfall has fallen, but far from normal, close to 50 millimeters.

In Tromsø, there has been almost as much rainfall as usual in April, but both in Bodø, Alta and Pasvik, the precipitation level is well below normal.

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