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Expelled ‘Prophet’s Ummah’ spokesman to take the Norwegian State to court

Oslo District Court honour killing murder rape judgeOslo District Court . Photo:


A 28-year-old who had been advocating for the group, ‘The Prophet’s Ummah’, who was expelled from Norway last year, has taken a prosecution against the State, demanding that it revokes the decision.

The case will begin in Oslo District Court on Tuesday, reported NRK news.

The 28 year old Swedish citizen was arrested by the police, and expelled from Norway at the end of 2016.

The Norwegian authorities’ expulsion decision was taken on the basis of section 122 of the Immigration Act, which deals with ‘expulsion for public order or security’.

The man, named Abu Arijon, became leader of the Islamist group ‘The Prophet’s Ummah’ after Ubaydullah Hussain was arrested and charged with recruiting terrorists.

In November, TV 2 reported that Arijon is really Adnan Shalunei, a Swedish citizen born in Kosovo. He immigrated from Sweden to Norway in January 2009.

The law firm, Elden, is representing the 28-year-old, who claims there are factual errors in the grounds for his expulsion, and an incorrect interpretation of the law, so that the expulsion is therefore rendered invalid.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today