Experts: Diabetes patients are not monitored enough

opticianOptician.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

Every year, hundreds of Norwegians have their feet amputated due to diabetes, and many also fear losing their sight. Nevertheless , health professionals omit to check the eyes and feet of patients, according to experts.

About half of those with type 2 diabetes do not know it themselves, and it can be difficult to detect that something is wrong.

This is revealed by Associate professor Frode Kristensen and Associate amnuensis Vibeke Sundling at University College Southeast Norway and  on Monday, which is World Diabetes Day.

– The national guidelines for monitoring people who have diabetes are quite clear. If GPs and other health professionals that patients encounter in their treatment chain had followed the guidelines, much could have been different, writes Kristensen and Sundling.

Diabetes increases the risk of both nerve damage and reduced blood circulation in the legs, and every year 500 feet are amputated.

Many also lose their sight, without this being discovered by a healthcare professional.

The two say they expect the Directorate of Health to consider how they can ensure that the guidelines are followed, and want a stronger commitment from politicians and other decision-makers who have the opportunity to influence priorities and make changes to the health system.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today