Expiry date reintroduced for driving licenses – you pay

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New driving license regulations means that Norwegian driving license holders should take a second glance at their driver’s license.

It is Kirsti Bjørklund of the Drøbak Traffic Station who reveals this to the Akershus Amtstidende.


According to the new regulations, all driving licenses issued before 19 January 2013 are to be renewed.

– It is important to be aware of that the date of issue is of importance, says Kirsti Bjørklund.

The leeway to change your license is round and about 25 years after the date of issue.

– What happens to those who arrange to exchange a driving license at the right time?

– You’ll lose your license’s validity. As of January 2033, EU driving license used in Norway must comply with the latest EU standards for driving licenses to be valid, says Kirsti Bjørklund.

Two to five working days

Bjørklund adds that it will take from two to five business days to get a new driver’s license. Whilst waiting for a new driving license you will be provided with a temporary driving license, valid with a proof of identity.

If you need a new driver’s license you must also take another picture at the traffic station.

Regarding people over the age of 75, who still want to drive, they must undergo a medical examination by their personal physician. After a doctor’s visit you have to meet in person to deliver the medical certificate at the local traffic station

– What will the cost to be of obtaining a renewed driver’s license be?

– As of today, the price NOK 355, says Bjørklund.


Source: Akershus Amtstidende / Norway Today