Explosions at department store in Thailand

department store, rubble,asylum reception centersIllustration Picture. Photo: Pixabay

Explosions at Big C department store in Thailand – more than 40 injured

At least 40 people are injured after two bombs exploded outside a ‘Big C’ department store southeast in Thailand today – the first right outside the entrance. The warehouse is a popular meeting place for tourists


A spokesman for the military authorities reported, according to British Express, that the first explosion came from a car bomb.

This department store is a popular shopping centre for tourists in this part of Thailand.

The Bangkok Post quoted the local news agency Isra News Centre that the explosions occurred in the city Pattani in the Pattani-province, which is located in southern Thailand on the east coast to the border with Malaysia.

It is in this part of Thailand vast majority of the country’s Muslim population lives, and where it has previously been acts of terrorism directed against the military central authorities of the country and calls for autonomy.

According to the human rights organization Deep South Watch, over 6,000 people have been killed here since 2004.

Bangkok Post and other media came with the first notifications about the explosion shortly after at 3 p.m. local time Tuesday – 10 am CST.

A twitter account reporting ongoing accidents in this part of Thailand shows a photo of a list of injured persons, containing 48 names.

The first bomb went off during normal activity inside the department store, the other when the crowd was about to escape.

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