Extended the Wolf Hunt

Extended the Wolf Hunt wolvesWolves, Photo: Pixabay.com

Extended the Wolf Hunt

The County Councilor for Oslo and Akershus has extended the wolf hunt until Tuesday at noon.


The hunting permit also applies to parts of Gran, Eastern- and Western Toten.
After the attack on sheep in Hurdal earlier this week was given a felling permit that expires at noon on Friday. The wolf is not yet shot, and it is now discovered 20 additional injured sheep in Gran in Oppland.

The felling area includes Hurdal municipality, parts of Eidsvoll and Nannestad plus parts of Gran, Western- and Eastern Toten in Oppland.

– Since this is an area that is outside the wolf zone and it is prioritized for grazing animals on uncultivated land, we have decided to issue a felling permit for one wolf, the County Councilor writes in a statement.

Hurdal and Gran

After a major attack on sheep in Hurdal, the County Councilor of Oslo and Akershus, in consultation with the County Councilor of Oppland, gave permission to fell one wolf on Wednesday.
The attack on sheep in the Akershus municipality Hurdal, adjacent to Oppland, was documented on Tuesday morning, reports Nationen. The County Councilors in the two counties therefore opened for the hunt.

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