Extensive action against money laundering

Norwegian moneyNorwegian money.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Norwegian police in extensive action against money laundering

Norway is among the countries that have participated in a very comprehensive police action against money laundering under the auspices of Europol.


The European Money Mule Action (EMMA 4) lasted for three months from September through November in 30 countries. 837 cases were investigated, several of which are still not closed.

During this period, 168 people were arrested. 1,504 money launderers and 140 organizations operating the business were identified.

This is the fourth time the European Police Organization has carried out such a major action. More than 300 banks and 20 financial institutions contributed to the investigation. Outside Europe, Australia, and the United States participated.

The banks and institutions reported 26,376 transactions where they thought money was being whitewashed for criminals. Europol stated that it prevented an economic loss of 36.1 million euros or around 350 million kroner.

In order to correct this type of fraud, Europol launched the #DontBeAMule campaign on Tuesday.

The campaign provides information on how these criminals and organizations operate, how to protect against it, and what can be done if one becomes a victim of this business.


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