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Facebook takes measures against misleading vaccine information



Facebook says the company has implemented several measures to deal with incorrect information about vaccines.

The online giant will reduce the distribution of misinformation on the subject, and increase the spread of correct information.

Facebook will also reject misleading advertisements when they are discovered said a statement from the company.

‘’We will remove groups and pages that spread misinformation about vaccinations. They will not be included in recommendations and suggestions when writing in the search field’’ said Monika

Bickert, who is responsible for Facebook’s ethical content and practice.

These are the latest of a number of measures put in place by social media and others to curb the spread of disinformation about the topic.

Facebook pointed out that leading health organizations, such as WHO and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have come out publicly and shown to specific cases of misinformation.

‘’If this misinformation appears on Facebook, we will take action against it’’ said Bickert.

Facebook is now trying, among other things, to find ways to give people more accurate vaccine information from expert organizations in the proposals for “related searches” on pages where the topic is discussed and in group invitations.

Bickert said they will soon provide more information about this.

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