Man fined for death threats on Facebook

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Man fined for death threats on Listhaug’s Facebook page

A man in his sixties is fined for having called for liquidation of Norwegian lawyers on Sylvi Listhaug’s official Facebook page.

The threat has been made in a comment on the Facebook page of current Member of Parliament, and former Minister of Justice, Sylvi Listhaug (Progress Party). It has been left there since October 4th, 2018. The murder threat was not removed before the police intervened, reports Norwegian TV2.

Listhaug’s moderator, Andreas R.K. Jacobsen, confirms in a text message to TV2 that the death threat was deleted due to an order from the police.

Listhaug herself asserts that when they discover or are notified of, hate speech or murder threats, the comment is deleted immediately. The person is also blocked.

“We are only two persons who moderate the page, and although we do our best, it’s impossible to go through everything,” Sylvi Listhaug tells the national broadcaster.

She encourages people to notify via email when similar comments appear. emphasising that it has no place in the commentaries.

Arfan Bhatti

The murder call was posted under a post regarding that the sentenced Islamist, Arfan Bhatti, demanded compensation from the Norwegian state.

«Proposes liquidation of Norwegian lawyers who live of protecting such people as him…» wrote the man from Oslo wrote in a comment to the post, adding «We can start with Humlen (..)».

Nærmere 160.000  “likes” Listhaug’s Facebook page. The aforementioned post from October 4th, last year, has more than 900 comments and nearly 700 shares to date.

The implicated Lawyer, Arild Humlen, states that he has reported Listhug to the police for participation in the spreading of threats and hate speech.

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