Facts about firearms in the United States


The Gun Violence Archive showed that nearly 15,000 people were killed with firearms in the United States in 2016. Over 3,700 children were killed or injured.


On top of the many killings, around 22,000 annual suicides are committed with firearms. The number of killings from firearms in the United States has increased steadily in recent years, from 12,547 in 2014, to 14,959 last year. This is an increase of just over 19% in just two years.

So far this year, 11,685 were shot and killed in the United States, show figures from the Gun Violence Archive.

There were 384 mass shootings registered in 2016, that is, events where four or more people were shot by one perpetrator. This is, on average, more than one mass shooting every single day.

So far this year, 273 mass shootings have been registered.

The United States is the country with the world’s highest number of firearms in private ownership, with an average of 113 firearms per 100 inhabitants.

By comparison, in Norway, there are just under 32 firearms per 100 inhabitants, which places us at tenth in the world.

According to vox.com, just over 4.3% of the world’s population live in the United States, but over 40% of all privately-owned weapons are found in US homes.


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