Facts on the spread of the Wuhan virus


Sunday 02/02/2020 — * A new strand of the coronavirus was detected in Wuhan city in Hubei Province, China in December 2019.

  • In China, more than 14,380 people have been infected. 304 are dead, the vast majority in Hubei Province.
  • Outside China, around 100 cases of infection and one death have been registered in the Philippines.
  • The virus has been detected in the following countries in Asia: Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.
  • In Europe: Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain (Canary Islands) and Russia.
  • Other countries: USA, Canada and Australia.
  • The authorities in China have introduced a number of measures to prevent the spread of the virus and asked residents to postpone foreign travel. Millions are isolated in several cities in the Hubei Province, including in Wuhan.
  • Several countries have started evacuating their own citizens from China, and a number of airlines have canceled flights to mainland China.

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