Faktisk.no found errors by Jensen, Vedum, Giske and Moe

Siv Jensen, Share Tax exemptions G20 Summit tour of eastern Norway Budget bankrupt Labour cabinMinster of Finance for the Progressive Party (FRP), Siv Jensen. Photo: Progress Party

Faktisk.no found errors by Jensen, Vedum, Giske and Borten Moe

The new fact-finding service Faktisk.no has scritinized 20 political claims found that eight of them are false.


VG, Dagbladet, NRK and TV 2 are behind the fact-finding service launched Wednesday. Responsible editor Kristoffer Egeberg states that the editorial board in Faktisk.no in the establishment phase has looked at the start of the election campaign and the party leaders’ speeches at the national meetings this spring.

After 20 claims have been reviewed, the status is that four of them are completely false, four are partially false, three are uncertain claims, while nine statements are wholly or partly true.

Miss on Employment

Allegations from Progress Party Leader and Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen, Centre Party leaders Trygve Slagsvold Vedum and Ola Borten Moe, and also Labour Party Deputy Trond Giske proved completely false when they were subject to thorough fact checking.

Jensen has repeatedly argued that Norway has lost 50,000 jobs in oil-related industries and that the largest employment growth in the same period for the country has come in private business. The conclusion from Faktisk.no, having checked figures from Statistics Norway, is that the largest growth in employment has come in public administration – not in private business.

– Nor is it true that Norway has lost 50,000 jobs in oil-related industries. The majorities of these workplaces has not disappeared, but are currently linked to other industries, it is stated in the conclusion.

Jensen still defends parts of the claim:

– When total employment has increased by 30,000 despite the loss of 50,000 employees related to the oil industry, there has been a significant job growth, in the form of new tasks for 80,000 employees.


Labours Trond Giske has claimed that for each private school established, the public sector must shut down one. He also gets a failing grade from the facts found by the researchers. From school year 2014/15 to 2016/17, 129 public schools were shut down. It was opened 51 new private schools and 41 new public schools in the same period.

Faktisk.no emphasizes that it is an independent, non-commercial and independent organization that will investigate claims and disclose errors even made by the media, including their own owners, without acting as an opinion police.

The editors have been established with financial support from Fritt Ord, the foundation Tinius and the Dagbladet Foundation.


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