False asylum stories for sale

Oslo Airport Gardermoen CustomsOslo Airport Gardermoen. Photo Norway Today Media

Several companies offer fake documents, and fictional stories for asylum seekers who want to enter Norway from Iran, and Afghanistan, reported NRK news.


The broadcaster conducted a survey, and found ten companies in Iran, and Syria, who lured customers with promises of asylum in Western Europe or North America.

Norway is mentioned on the companies’ discussion forums.
NRK had one of its own employees contact two of the companies and pretend to be an Iranian seeking asylum in Norway who needed help. The man who answered said he is an expert in religious conversion history. Muslims who convert are exposed to discrimination in several countries,and the man proposes this method.

‘We can teach you a scenario, a story, and get the necessary documents to support that story. We can say you have been a member of a home church in Iran’, said the man, according to NRK.

Another company sells fake visas, charging approximately NOK 100,000 for a Schengen visa, which includes Norway.

Fake legal documents from Iran are obtainable from another company.

Leader, Jörg Lange, of Landinfo, a state-owned faculty of immigration management, is familiar with the companies

‘I have to say I was a little surprised at how sophisticated some of these offers appear to be. One has the impression that they are familiar with how asylum treatment in western countries works, and that they know in depth about the process’, said Lange.


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