Family life strengthened during the corona pandemic

homeschoolingHomeschooling.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix Modellklarert

The corona pandemic has changed everyday life and family life for most people. Psychologist Elke Rønningen believes that more family ties are being strengthened at present.

Although home offices, and closed kindergartens and schools have created challenges, Rønningen emphasizes that this period has also been good for several families.

“Many families find it challenging to juggle between multiple roles, but more parents say that they have more time for activities with the children and have become better acquainted with them,” she tells NRK.

The psychologist encourages parents to discuss with the children what kind of everyday life the family wants in the future.

A poll published on April 21 showed that one in three families has experienced increased stress, quarrels and challenges at home during the corona crisis.

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