Famous rock climber dies in a fall in Bergen

Ambulance, Woman charged with stabbing, School roofAmbulance.Photo: Norway Today Media

The experienced mountain climber, Mats Steinsland (aged 36), who had, among other things, climbed Mount Everest, was found dead in Bergen on Saturday.


The police believe he died on Friday night or early Saturday morning after falling down a slope on the mountain side of Sandviken.
‘We have been on the spot and investigated. We talked with residents in the area, and concluded that this was an accident,’ said operations manager, Hans-Eirik Thue, of the Western Police District in Bergen.

The police were notified of the death on Saturday morning at 10.16.

‘The deceased had most likely been at a party in the area, as he headed home, fell down a cliff face,’ said Morten Rebnord, operations manager at Western Police District, to NTB news on Saturday.

Rebnord said that it could have been caused by where the 36 year old went. According to Bergens Tidende, he fell 15 meters from the roadway as he walked down into a backyard.

‘The deceased was dead when the ambulance arrived,’ said Rebnord to Bergens Tidende.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today